Cashmere Camel Hair Fill Duvet Quilt Comforter Blanket
Cashmere Camel Hair Fill Duvet Quilt Comforter Blanket

Cashmere Camel Hair Fill Duvet Quilt Comforter Blanket

$ 169.99


Function And Form Come Together With Camel Comfort® Cashmere Camel Hair Fill Duvet Quilt Comforter Blanket

Specially selected Cashmere Grade Camel Hair Fill Naturally Provides A Climate Controlled Sleeping Environment. 

The Camel Comfort® Cashmere Camel Hair Fill Insures That You Will Always Be Comfortable. 

The Bactrian Camels (The One's With Two Humps) Live In  A Harsh Environment Of Extremes; Temperatures Range From -10° F To 110° F. The Inherent Thermo-Dynamic Properties Of Their Hair Regulate Temperature And Provides Exceptional Moisture Control. These Amazing Properties Are Found In Camel Comfort® Comforter / Blankets

Making the Camel Comfort® Comforter / Blanket An Investment In A Superior Sleep Experience. 

Unlike Feather Filled Products, No Allergy Worries, Cashmere Camel Hair is Naturally Hypo-Allergenic; Super Soft Hair From The Underbelly Of The Bactrian Camel.

Sleep Better, No Camels Are Never Harmed, These Magnificent Animals Cherished By Mongolian Shepard’s, Live Upwards Of Forty Plus Years, Gratefully Shedding Their Hair. Making Camel Cashmere An Environmentally Friendly Renewable Resource.

Each Bactrian Camel Produces Around Five Pounds Of Fur Annually. Harvested By Hand The Same Way Since Before The Time Of Genghis Kahn. The Shepherds Separate And Sort The Camel's Hair. Only Hair That Is Determined To Be Of Cashmere Quality Is Selected For Use As Camel Comfort® Comforter / Blanket Fill.  

230 Count 100% Cotton Shell Quilted Using An Attractive And Highly Functional Pattern To Insure That The Cashmere Camel Hair Fill Remains Uniform Inside The Comforter / Blanket. Bound Edges Complete With Our "Sleep Secure Tie System". 

All Of Camel Comfort® Products Are Manufactured Using Only Oeko-Tex® Certified Fabrics Insuring Them To Be Free Of Harmful Substances.